Milton Fall Fair

O.A.A.S. Butter Tarts Competition

Section 34-New for 2017

Exhibitors are asked to exhibit 3 full size butter tarts with raisins. No Nuts or any other fruit. Tarts must be on a clean paper plate inside a clear plastic bag. Entry must be made sole by the person entering the competition including the pastry.

Prize money in Section 34 is 1st - $15, 2nd - $10, and 3rd - $8

The winner at the 2017 Milton Fall Fair will be required to exhibit 5 full size tarts which will be judged at the O.A.A.S. District 5 Meeting in October 2017. If you win this level, you must bake another 5 full size tarts whcih will be judged in teh "Best in Ontario" competition at the convention in Toronto in February 2018.

There will be prizes awareded at each level. 

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