Milton Fall Fair

Board of Directors

Officers and Directors for 2019

Agricultural Society: Halton Agricultural Society
Municipality: Halton   Year: 2019
Society Mailing Address: 8490 Lawson Road, P.O. Box 142, Milton ON L9T 8T3
Society Location Address: 136 Robert Street, Milton ON L9T 1G9
Telephone Number: (905) 878-5689 Fax Number: (905) 875-1491
Email/Website: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

President - Allen Orr
1st Vice-President - Keith Wettlaufer
2nd Vice President - Vincenzo Carito
Past President - T.J. Snow
Secretry/Treasurer - Rachelle Orr


One Year Term Directors: Marilyn Gooding,  Doug Howden, Allen Orr, Katie Patterson, Penny Patterson, Marion Richardson
Two Year Term Directors: Grant Gooding, Elizabeth Patterson, Dan Saliba, Julia Snow, T.J. Snow, Jennifer Snow
Three Year Term Directors:  Vincenzo Carito, Nicole Patterson, Keith Wettlaufer, Scott Patterson, Brandon Terpstra, Amanda Orr

Committees 2019

Executive Committee

Membership - Robert Marshall, Anne Allore, Vincenzo Carito, Stefania Carito, Rachelle Orr, Jennifer Snow
Finance - Julia Snow, Robert Marshall, Laurie Palmer, Marion Riebot, Keith Wettlaufer
Publicity - Marilyn Gooding, Julia Snow, Keith Wettlaufer
Sponsorship - Marion Richardson, Doug Howden, Allen Orr, Rachelle Orr, Keith Wettlaufer

Property Committee

Grounds - T.J. Snow, Mike Blumberg, Vincenzo Carito, Grant Gooding, Doug Howden, Allen Orr, Marion Richardson, Dan Saliba, Brandon Terpstra, Keith Wettlaufer
Security Committee – Vincenzo Carito, Allen Orr, Nicole Patterson, T.J. Snow
Halls - Robert Marshall, Don Heath, Grant Gooding, Brian McMullen, John Parnaby, Mitchell Patterson, Penny Patterson, Scott Patterson, Harry Riebot, Ken Vivian, (Open to volunteers!)
Concessions - Doug Howden, Paul Fay, Denise Knapman, Mike mcLauchlan, Rachelle Orr

Special Attractions/Events Committee

Entertainment - Penny Patterson, Stefania Carito, Vincenzo Carito, Nicole Patterson, Jennifer Snow
Friday Youth Day - Vincenzo Carito, Keith Wettlaufer, Anne Allore, Donna Anthony, Jacqueline Garant, Grant Gooding, Kathryn Howden, Joan Marshall, Evelyn Oates, Allen Orr, Amanda Orr, Rachelle Orr, Donna Parsons, Diane Patterson, Elizabeth Patterson, Mitchell Patterson, Nicole Patterson, Penny Patterson, Scott Patterson, Marion Richardson, Jennifer Snow, Julia Snow, T.J. Snow, Marion Snyder, Brandon Terpstra, Sarah Weststeyn, Julie Wilkinson
Agricultural Education Tent – Jennifer Snow, Anne Allore ,Tracy Breckon, Jeannine Egger, Grant Gooding, Marilyn Gooding, Sandra Hawkins, Marion Richardson, Keith Wettlaufer
Display Barn - Nicole Patterson, Vincenzo Carito, Jacqueline Garant , Elizabeth Patterson, Mitchell Patterson, Penny Patterson, Allen Orr, Amanda Orr, Rachelle Orr, Dan Saliba, T.J. Snow, Brandon Terpstra
Saturday Pet Show - Katie Patterson, Jennifer Inglis, Kristen Rasberry-Denou, Darcy Villeneuve
Truck & Tractor Pull - T.J. Snow, Amanda Orr, Rachelle Orr, Jennifer Snow
Demo Derby - T.J. Snow , Vincenzo Carito, Steve Moffat, Allen Orr Baby Show - Katie Patterson, Jennifer Inglis, Kristen Rasberry-Denou, Darcy Villeneuve
Children’s Pedal Pull (Saturday/Sunday) - Katie Patterson, Emmanuel Denou, Jason LIttle, Kristen Rasberry-Denou, Darcy Villeneuve
Classic Car Show - Penny Patterson, Connie McMullen, Elizabeth Patterson, Scott Patterson

Competitions Committee

Beef - Tom McDonald, Marilyn Gooding, Patty Lasby, Ryan McDonald, Marion Richardson
Light Horses & Sport Ponies - Don Heath, Kathy Galbraith, Joanne Heath, Kevin Palmer, Laurie Palmer, Jane Richardson, Ken Vivian
Hunter & Jumper Show - Shelley Speck-Catto, Mike Blumberg, Amy Umrysh
Sheep - Marion Richardson, Patty Lasby, Keith Wettlaufer
Poultry - Allan Parsons, Donna McPhail, Charlie Tilt
Hay & Grain - Brandon Terpstra, Keith Wettlaufer

Homecraft Division Committees

Past President – Penny Patterson
1st First Vice-President
2nd Vice-President
Secretary – Julia Snow

Antiques –Stefania Carito, Sarah Weststeyn, Mary Speck
Domestic Science – Marilyn Gooding, Marion Snyder, Melissa Knapman, Jane Parker, Elizabeth Patterson, Eleanor Pickett, Stella Rulton, Joy Simpson
Needlecraft – Donna Parsons, Betty Hughes, Meredith Mayhew, Berniece Medland, Caroline Patterson
Halton Organizations – Donna Parsons, Marion Snyder
Fruit & Vegetables – Wendy Cousins, Ben Cousins, Patti Elsey, Erla Love, Glenda Scott
Flowers & Plants – Irene Oldford, Jacqueline Garant, Zita Lee, Connie McMullen, Jackie Murdock, Evelyn Oates, Diane Patterson
Arts & Crafts – Sandra Marling, Janice Wilkinson, Anne Balanyk, Jennifer Inglis
Photography – Katie Patterson, Jason Little, Heather Mayes, Judi Oates, Cecil Patterson
Photography for Students – Katie Patterson, Jason Little, Heather Mayes, Judi Oates, Cecil Patterson
Children’s Section – Donna Bradley, Julia Snow, Gloria Brown, Janice Brown, Carolyn Doherty, Bea Featherstone, Kathy Featherstone, Marie Howden, Janice Lamers, Joan Marshall, Marion McPhail, Penny Patterson, Marion Richardson, Marion Riebot, Betty Royce, Janice Sandor, Kay Smoke, Katie Snow, Gail Strong, Jean Vivian
Youths With Special Needs – Cathy Gasteiger, Kristen Rasberry-Denou, Muriel Rayner